Contessa Picatinnyskinne Sako 85 L/XL

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Contessa Picatinnyskinne Sako 85 L/XL

Picatinny rail specifically designed to fit Sako 85 L/XL.

Contessa picatinny rails in hardened steel with are machined from solid, designed to guarantee stability and long-term resistance.

Screws and wrench for mounting supplied.

Contessa Picatinny Rail for Sako 75*/85 Long
With 0 MOA

Rail Length: - 154mm
Height (BH) - 11.5mm
Weight: - 165g
Material: - Steel
Code Ref: PH14/0

Contents Supplied:
- 1x Steel Rail,
- 1x Wrench,

You can't always tell which size Sako action you have from the calibre, so to check which rail fits your rifle all you need to do is measure the length between your two bases, i.e. measure the length of your ejection port. If it's approx. 74mm you need the Sako Short Rail. If it's approx. 84mm you need the Sako Medium Rail. If it's approx. 94mm you need the Sako Long Rail. Distance Spacing: (distances between bases) 30mm (Dovetail Base) / 94mm / 30mm (Dovetail Base) Also available: Sako 75/85 X-Short (0 MOA) Sako 75/85 Short (0 MOA) Sako 75/85 Short (10 MOA) Sako 75/85 Short (20 MOA) Sako 75/85 Medium (0 MOA) Sako 75/85 Medium (10 MOA) Sako 75/85 Medium (20 MOA) Sako 75/85 Long (20 MOA) Fitting: A common issue with the Sako rifles is that the taper on the rifle is not the same as the taper on the picatinny rail. Contessa have designed their rail to fit as accurately as possible, tested on a wide number of Sako 85 actions. We have discovered there are slight variations in the Sako rifle dovetails due to factory tolerances, so even just a 1/100th of a mm can mean a poor fit. A method we use to overcome this poor fit is to remove the recoil stud from the rail. This should allow the rail to slide on further and tighter. If this doesn't overcome the problem, we do suggest to use Locktite where the rail dovetail surface contacts the rifle dovetail. This will ensure a solid hold. Bear in mind, any recoil actually pushes the rail forwards into the dovetail and recoil will not alone cause the rail to loosen.

* The older models of Sako with the tapered dovetail, even on the Sako 75, there are larger variations in the dovetail widths. So you may discover that the rail does not slide on fully flush with the back of the rifle. This again would require hand fitting to the rifle.