Contessa Picatinnyskinne Browning A-Bolt Long/Eurobolt

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Contessa Picatinnyskinne Browning A-Bolt Long/Eurobolt

Picatinny rail specifically designed to fit Browning A-Bolt 3 Long action and Eurobolt long.

Contessa Picatinny rails in hardened steel with are machined from solid, designed to guarantee stability and long-term resistance.

Screws and wrench for mounting supplied.

With 0 MOA

Rail Length: - 195mm
Height (BH) - 9mm Approx.
Weight: - 180g
Material: - Steel
Code Ref: PH04/0

Contents Supplied:
- 1x Steel Rail,
- 1x Wrench,
- 4x Screws

This Steel Picatinny Rail is precision made by Contessa Alessandro & C. s.n.c. The part is precision made to fit the rifle with exact hole spacing to screw to the rifle with the supplied screws and wrench.

Hole Spacing: (distance between hole centers)
21.8mm / 79mm / 21.8mm