Firearms Guide 3rd Edition Mac, inkl. 500 utskriftsbare blinker/måltavler

Oversikt over mer enn 55.000 våpen og ammunisjonstyper.

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Firearms Guide: 3rd Edition is the world's most extensive firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide and schematics library on DVD for Win PC. It is a must have for anyone with an interest in firearms, air guns, ammunition, hunting and shooting, both for professionals and hobbyists. It is the ultimate tool to search, find, identify and research guns. 
The 3rd Edition of Firearms Guide presents over 55,000 guns and ammo, including new 2012 guns, from 500 manufacturers worldwide. Manufacturers come from 38 countries so you'll be able to learn about guns from USA, EU, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, South Africa, Israel, UAE, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria...etc.
Firearms Guide now presents fully automatic MILITARY GUNS - machine guns, heavy machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles and automatic pistols. 
The 2nd Edition Schematic Library with 1,500 gun schematics was a huge hit and now it will be even bigger. The Schematic Library of 3rd Edition grew from 1,500 to an amazing 3,000+ high resolution guns schematics and parts lists (old and new models) from 268 manufacturers that you can zoom in and print out.  
 All that enormous content is placed on one DVD for Win PC that does not require any installation on the user's computer, it starts automatically when inserted and can be used without internet. The user interface is very simple and it is made to be easily used even by users with no computer experience.
Using Firearms Guide saves a lot of time for gun enthusiasts. Instead of surfing for hours on the internet from one manufacturer's website to another, by searching the Firearms Guide's database of over 55,000 models from 500 manufacturers with 14 search criteria, the user gets a search result literally in a second. The user can check out guns, compare them and their prices, check the ammo that they use, and start another search. Plus, guns are presented with exclusive high-resolution color pictures unavailable anywhere else.

FIREARMS GUIDE 3rd EDITION - Five products on one DVD:
1. Reference guide that presents over 55,000 models of Firearms, Airguns and Ammo from 500manufacturers worldwide (38 countries)!
* Now with Military Firearms - machine guns, assault rifles, submachine guns and automatic pistols.
* Computer searchable with 14 different search criteria! Find any gun in a second!
* Presents models with Tech Specs - Hi-Resolution Color Pictures - Features - Ballistics - Prices!
* Over 36,000 high-resolution color pictures in resolution up to 6636 x 1492!
* Up to 12 pictures per model! Zoom in to see the smallest details!
* Guns are presented in different finishes, stock types and stock materials!
* Exclusive U.S. and EU custom guns with price tags up to $1,000,000!
* Interlinked ammo and gun database. Check the stopping power of each gun with one click.
2. Schematics Library with over 3,000 high resolution gun schematics with parts lists from 268 manufacturers!
* Search for a specific gun schematic by manufacturer, then choose the model and zoom in to see the smallest gun parts and print out any schematic.
3. FFL Locator - Database of over 62,000 gun dealers in the USA with phone numbers and addresses. When you need a gun dealer find them by type of license, by state and by ZIP code. Call several gun dealers in your town and find gun you are looking for at best price!
4. 500 Printable Targets - Print as many as you like! Shoot as many as you like! Choose from a great selection: game animals, silhouettes, crosshairs, sight-ins, fun-to-shoot objects, etc. Both black & white and color targets!
5. US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart - No more hassle trying to figure out which EU ammo caliber is which US ammo caliber. We've figured it out for you, from US to EU and EU to US - works both ways!


"It runs remarkably fast...Intuitive and informative for all shooters...A fine reference guide to keep handy" - NRA's Shooting Illustrated
"A comprehensive organized system for finding information" - NRA's American Rifleman
"A valuable resource for gunsmiths" - American Gunsmith

"An incredible source of information...too useful to keep a secret" - Gun Trade News 
"The DVD is worth the price for the target images alone" -
"Truly outstanding....a must have for serious hunter" - African Hunter

Advantages of Firearms Guide over Google:
Time saving 
- with Firearms Guide you get your search results instantly and you can spend your time checking out the guns, not on endless internet searches and jumping between thousands of web sites
Superior in depth search
- searching in Firearms Guide will search through more then 55,000 firearms, air guns and ammo from 500 manufacturers
Quality of search
-  search of all models can be done by using one or combining up to 14 specific firearms, air guns and ammo search criteria like: barrel length, caliber, barrel type, slide finish, frame finish, frame material, stock type, stock material, etc.
- EXAMPLE: If you search Firearms Guide by using this search criteria: Pistol, 45 ACP, Made in USA, Polymer frame, Stainless slide finish, With accessory rail, in price range $500 - $1,000 your search result will be 12 pistols. Try to do that in Google.
Quality of search result
-  by using one or combining up to 14 specific firearms, air guns and ammo search criteria you will get precise results
- EXAMPLE 1: If you type in the Google search bar: Shotgun, Pump action, Thumbhole stock your search result will be 26,400 web sites. If you use the same search criteria in the Firearms Guide your search result will be 25 shotguns.
- EXAMPLE 2: If you type in the Google search bar: Pistol, 9mm Luger, Made in USA your search result will be 53,500 web sites. If you use the same search criteria in the Firearms Guide your search result will be 373 pistols.
Picture quality 
- models are presented with up to 12 with high-resolution color pictures in resolutions up to 6636 x 1492 that are not available on Internet or manufacturers web sites.
Interlinked ammo and guns databases
- guns in the database are linked with ammo they use so checking ammo ballistic specifications or stopping power can be checked out with just one click on "Show me Ammo" button