ProQ - Trebiter av Hickory (Valnøtt) 1kg

Hickory - The King of smoking woods. Sweet to strong, heavy bacon flavour. Good with pork, chicken and beef.Smoking chunks are perfect for longer hot smoking sessions as a single chunk will produce up to half an hour of beautiful smokey flavour.

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ProQ® Trebiter av Hickory (Valnøtt) 1kg

Wood chunks are really useful for longer cooks like pulled pork, ribs and brisket, as they don´t burst into flame. Chunks smoulder longer and last about half an hour of continuous smoke to your cook, unlike wood chips, which per handful only give about 15 mins. Our chunks are all made from bark-less (as much as possible) and untreated wood, sourced responsibly, and they come in a wide variety of flavours; Apple Beech Cherry Hickory Maple Oak For more info on which wood to use with what food, check out our wood guide, or send us a message. 100% natural and harvested from sustainable sources Harvested specifically for food smoking Contains no bark