Pro Q Wood Chip Treflis 1.2 Liter

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ProQ Smoking Wood Chips are all high quality, sustainably sourced woods ensuring you get the best smoke, every time.

Our wood is bark free which ensures no impurities and a clean, flavourful smoke for your food.

  • Each bag contains around 400g of our premium wood chips, with pack size options available to suit.
  • Clean flavours from a variety of woods, bark free and 100% natural
  • We only use sustainably sourced wood

Apple Slightly sweet and fruity with strong smoke flavour. Very good with pork and game birds due to the sweetness.

Cherry  adds a sweet, fruity flavour with a mild smokeyness. Cherry also adds a pink tinge to meats and will make the skin of poultry dark brown.

Whiskey Oak Strong smoke flavour, similar to oak but with a malty taste. Fantastic with venison, game and poultry.