Little Sure Shot Gun Rests Magnum, Oransje

Verdens minste, mest universale skytestøtte!

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Little Sure Shot


Ultra Big Mouth: 1 1/4" to 2 3/8" (Stor)
Grønn camo eller orange modell.

Ulik alle andre skytestøttet er Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ kompakt.
Den er liten nok til å passe i lommen din, veier bare four ounces, og er kun 6 1/4 inches in length.
Den blir kalt verdens minste, mest fleksible skytestøtte.
They work with most any shaped support up to 11/2 inches in diameter and they can be easily repositioned to any shooting height in seconds.
Plus each of the Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ is made in the USA. 

Both Little Sure Shot Gun Rest™ models offer superior shooting accuracy and increased stability.
When using the new products, hunters and target shooters find themselves more relaxed – especially through the shoulder, upper arm and wrist areas and able to concentrate better on the target. 

Big Mouth Little Sure Shot Gun Rests™ feature open-mouth j-hooks that slip around odd shaped supports, trees, branches, fence posts and even ATV uprights.
Hunters that want the freedom to attach the gun rest to most anything that is available when preparing to fire prefer this model.