FUD seeking salespartners

The guys at FUD are looking for new people who want to sell the worlds greatest decoy!

Fud is a brand-new way to think about decoys. They are extremely popular, and sell well in areas/countries where they have been introduced.

If you are in the hunting market, looking after new great products, like to earn money based on the effort you put into the products, and like to establish long term business-relationships, then maybe you are who we are seeking!


You will order directly from the producer, no extra/unnessecary middlemen. This puts you in the position to have a good sale and good profit based on what you do.

(Keep in mind that decoys are volume-products, you will not earn a fortune if you are happy with selling 3-4 palletts each year)

If you think you have the capasity to sell FUD in decent volumes, then this is a good opportunity for you.

For more information, prices and other questions about how to start with us, contact the owner and funder of FUD, Andrew Hulley.