M.R.A.B. 144 Mil Radian Adjustment Gen 4, Links, lang låskasse

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Cold Shot LLc’s, Mil Radian Adjustable Base, MRAB elevation adjustable scope base system, must be attached with a MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail. Failure to use this MIL-STD base is the #1 cause of failure or inaccuracy in the MOAB/MRAB system. See the FAQ page or Wikipedia for more information.

Further, it was designed to eliminate the problems associated with distortion caused by “bending” light through as many as (10) lenses within modern scopes. VIEW IMAGE Today, every major scope manufacturer, offers a wide selection of, “bullet drop compensating” reticles, and “custom” turrets. The problem with these expensive features is that they are only correct for ONE cartridge, with ONE bullet weight, at ONE velocity.

The M.R.A.B. system is not cartridge specific, it is Mil Radian specific.

The M.R.A.B. can be mounted on any rifle fitted with a full-length Picatinny Rail, chambered for any cartridge from, .22RF to the .50 BMG. For the 144 M.R.A.B. base a 3/8″ diameter clearance hole is required through the mounting Picatinny rail that is attached to the receiver, this allows the longer elevating screw a place to protrude into when at Zero. Now with precision ground elevating threads for improved accuracy.

2 lengths of top rails to fit more applications, anti-cant bubble level vial Options include the “additional elevating screw (72-144) depending on version Gen 1 to Gen 4 improvement

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